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Officer Exchange Program


The following are the established polices by which we expect all players to abide. More specific information beyond the basic policy (below) can be found in the additional documents found in the Policies dialoge box (right).

Basic Policy: Standard Rules of Conduct

This SIM Group is the equivalent of a PG-13 environment.

Mild profanity and sexuality has been explored on the show, but nothing gratuitous. This group follows the same conventions and guidelines, and we expect the same from our membership.

This is a Star Trek: Enterprise SIM Group.

Writers are expected to follow the established canon for this era. We are now three years beyond the final elements of the ENTERPRISE series timeline. The Federation was formed in 2161. As a whole, the SIM group has moved ahead in some technology, uniforms, and numerous other policies. This document does not make an exhaustive study of such changes. Check with the website associated with each individual sim for some such changes, and if in doubt, contact your command team.

  1. In general, only Human, Vulcan, Andorian, Denobulan and Alpha Centuarian races are allowed to serve on Starfleet starships. No more then three aliens are allowed to be part of any one SIM in order to stay close to the timeline and spirit of the era. For exceptions to this, the CO must seek approval from Fleet Command prior to assignment or announcement.
  2. No one should create lasting and extensive new technologies without the approval of the Engineering Corps and/or Fleet Command.
  3. Websites for TFE SIMs should maintain imagery consistent with the period.

No interaction with any established Star Trek characters.

For copyright reasons as well as TFE story continuity, we ask that you do not include in your writings characters established in any Star Trek incarnation, including television, movies, books, etc.

All new members are expected to complete the Academy.

A theory exam and some practical log writing help insure that our SIMs maintain a level of quality, and that our writers are all on the same page.

All players are expected to follow the pre-established guidelines.

While at the Academy, please become more familiar with the SIM Guide beyond what is necessary to complete the theory exam. In addition, we follow the same chain of command OOC that is established by our characters IC, so please keep that in mind.

IC and OOC lists are for game-related material only.

Our lists are not for advertising, marketing, forwarding chain emails, or other uses not related to the activity of your SIM. In-character (IC) lists are only for posting personal and duty logs, and the out-of-character (OOC) lists are for player discussion and contact purposes.

Be respectful and courteous to your fellow players.

Remember that age, gender, personal views, and even writing ability should not preclude someone from enjoying this hobby. In addition, keep in mind that other writers have purview over their own characters, and when interacting with them it is appropriate to propose a jointly written log rather than speaking and acting for them. See the SIM Guide for more information on writer/character interaction.

No more than three characters to a player.

We want our writers to enjoy what TFE has to offer, and a good way to do that is to have a variety of characters participating on different SIMs. However, we limit the total number of characters to three to discourage a writer from stretching him- or herself too thin. Also note that a writer may not participate on the Command Team (CO and XO) of more than one SIM, without express permission of Fleet Command.