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Have you ever had the dream of travelling into space and exploring the unknown stars? Have you ever had the ambition to tell a good story or to write about an awe-inspiring event? Have you ever watched Star Trek on television and thought, "Wow, I have an idea for a story like that!" Then Starfleet: The First Era is the place to be:

The year is 2162. Starfleet has rapidly expanded its fleet to explore, and has met the military challenge of the first truly intergalactic conflict, The Earth-Romulan War. Now, the Fleet moves from an organization of peaceful exploration, to a position of shared discovery and military presence, joining with the other members of the newly formed alliance known as the United Federation of Planets.


The gates open beyond Archer’s era leading toward the future on a pathway of adventure open to invention and technological development. TFE heads into its own 11th year and like the Fleet, we're still growing. Exploration and first contact is our future. Come and join the adventures of Starfleet in The First Era of the Federation.

Starfleet: The First Era began as the first “Enterprise”-era game on the Internet. We play by e-mail, so that is all you need to join us. For over 10 years we've shown dedication to quality SIMming in an era of development and imagination.

Join now: The best post-Archer era SIM group on the net today!

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