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What is a Play by E-mail Role Playing Game (PBEM RPG)?

Starfleet: The First Era is a game based in the Enterprise Era of the Star Trek universe, currently in the year 2159. Here our players take on the identity of original characters (not the ones as seen in the show). These players write posts, or "logs" to the other players via electronic mail, which build off previous logs to create mini-stories in the lives of the characters on each particular simulation (SIM).

Does it cost anything?

NO! Absolutely not. SIMming is free. All you need to SIM is an email account and a bit of time to read and write logs. A little bit of imagination and fun wouldn't hurt either =)

How do you write a log?

Logs are the individual additions to the story that each player sends. Each log can be thought of as a mini-chapter in the story, that together the ship is creating. Logs can be written in various ways, script or story format, the choice depends on the preference of your CO. Contact the Ship CO for their preference to posting style onboard.

Players write logs spotlighting their character's role in the ship's mission, and often will work with other players to develop a strong interaction between several characters on a ship.

Can anyone join as a player?

Yes, anyone who is interested and can read and write in English can join Starfleet: The First Era. All new players are required to have an e-mail account as there are no IRC sims and all new members are required to complete the Academy where we teach not only the basics of SIMming, but also of SIMming in this Era of Star Trek.

What is a NPC?

A non-player-character. A character that is not role played by one individual, but is there for the entire group to use freely. There may be some rules in place concerning how the character can be portrayed, generally requested by the original creator, and by developments made to the NPC as it is played.

Some NPCs are more controlled than other by the creator, such as an NPC husband or wife, and such NPCs should be handled by other players only if they are certain they will not cause a problem for the original creator.

How do I ask a question related to SIMming and/or TFE that is not listed here?

Just send an e-mail to the Fleet Commander, or to a specific Staff member if you wish. E-mail addresses are listed on the Staff page.