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TFE Simulations

USS Yorktown
Class: Enterprise-class explorer
Designation: ECL-05
Commanding Officer: Force Commander Da'nak Ca'daar


There are some who like to think that space is the Final Frontier. We are of the belief that the Final Frontier is the human soul. Space is merely the arena in which we shall meet the challenge. You are welcome to join the crew of the Yorktown as we help Earth and Starfleet meet that challenge. Exploration is the key to unlocking the Final Frontier. Come and join in the adventure of a lifetime.


USS Meridian
Class: Freedom-class heavy cruiser
Designation: FCL-06
Commanding Officer: Capt Roger Finney


These are the early heady days of Starfleet, days of exploration and discovery; of sights that make the pulse quicken and the blood run hot. We near the middle of the 22nd century and have learnt serious lessons from our violent past, we now use the tools of compromise and reconciliation to cement our place amongst the stars.


New Darwin Colony
Class: Starfleet Settlement
Designation: Gamma Sagitarii II
Commanding Officer: Cmdr Mike Ryan
Civilian Governor: Shireeve Adavarre’ Rahndi


New Darwin Colony is a joint venture between Starfleet and the Free Daliwakan (former slaves to the original developers of the Colony, the Klingons). GS-2 is an unexplored, idyllic M-Class garden, uninhabited except for the Free Dali, the Starfleet contingent, and a few civilian exploratory mining operations. How will the Dali adjust to their freedom after a lifetime of slavery? How does Starfleet share with the Dali in governing the Colony, a merging of cultures and goals? And who stands to insure this venture will succeed?

New Darwin Colony

On Hiatus

ESS Challenger
Class: Freedom-class explorer
Designation: FCL-04
Commanding Officer:


Mysteriously lost in space, the Earth Starship Challenger is a remnant of the pre-Federation days, and with any luck she'll be back to reclaim her old glory...


USS Intrepid
Class: Enterprise-class explorer
Designation: ECL-07
Commanding Officer:


"Lucky Seven" served Starfleet proudly for seven years until a major battle in the Earth-Romulan War stole her entire crew with a lucky shot, leaving the ship itself practically undamaged except for the growing stigma of a curse. With the rest of the fleet upgrading to more prominent combat roles, however, Intrepid remains a dedicated explorer, searching for new meaning and a new crew that will bring her back to life.


Outpost Maxwell Forrest
Class: Type K deep space station
Designation: K-1
Commanding Officer: Capt Michah Oliver


In 2155, Starfleet Command commissioned a forward deployed outpost to support the Fleet. The station, named in memoriam of Vice Admiral Maxwell Forrest, is humanity's first (and still only) deep space station. Forrest orbits the waterworld, "Njord", and is supported by the Neptune Class ship ESS Triton. The Station is host to Starships and Boomers alike. The comings and goings of plenty of colorful characters, representatives of the alien races of the galaxy, and some startling adventures, keep the crew on their toes.

Forrest Outpost