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Joining TFE as a New SIM

Welcome! If you are reading this, you are an existing CO of an Enterprise Era SIM and wish to join TFE with your SIMulation. We are proud of the quality we have and we are protective of it, as a result we have set up a screening process and we have a number of basic policies that apply to all TFE Members, including ones wishing to join on a new SIM.

First of all, the basic requirements for all new SIMs wishing to apply:

  1. Your SIM is up and running and actively SIMming and has been so for at least 3 consecutive months.
  2. You have at least 6 SIMmers actively logging (including yourself) and at least 60% of your crew are not yet TFE members.
  3. You have an up-to-date website for your SIM, which includes technical specifications and an up-to-date crew roster that lists character names, bios, and email addresses.
  4. You have read our policies and are in agreement with them.
The Screening process includes the following:
  1. We check your website and ask to be added to your listserv
  2. We observe your SIM in action for about three weeks to get an indication of the quality of your SIM.
  3. We conduct an interview with you and your XO.

When all three above steps are satisfactory, you will be accepted into Starfleet-The First Era on a six week trial basis. During this time, you and your crew will have to take the Basic Academy Theory Exam, and you as CO will have to complete the TFE Command Course. The TFE Command Course will give you a basic grounding in Command and how things work within TFE. We will also ask two of our COs to observe your SIM during the six weeks and give an observation report to Fleet Command, who will make a decision on your approval as full SIM.

You also have to realise that we have a few requirements of our approved SIMs:

  1. We have a central Personnel Processing System including an Academy. This Academy is compulsory for all new members to Starfleet-The First Era. The Academy includes IC SIMing for about 3 weeks at the Academy facility before new recruits arrive on your SIM after they apply. This means that you need to link your website to the central join page.
  2. The CO of the SIM is responsible for submitting a weekly SIM report to the TFE Command and Logistics list upon starting trials. The SIM report should contain an accurate crew roster with logging record of the crew and basic plot summary. Examples of SIM reports can be provided.
  3. Please review our other Policies on the policy page.

This may seem like a long drawn out process and a lot of requirements, and you are right. However, it guarantees us that those SIMs that do join us are serious and quality SIMs and that they stay that way. There are many benefits to Joining TFE and we are the first and the best 'Enterprise Era' SIM group on the 'Net.